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How to stop worrying

Did you know that women worry far more than men!...

It keeps us up at night, tossing and turning, going over the daily conversations and our actions!

Not sleeping well and than starting the day tired and miserable... only to do the same again the following night! 

All because we were worrying all night!

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Hi, I am Lorraine Williams a Licensed coach of One Of Many because we are one of many who are struggling....So you are not alone.

Are you feeling the call to step out of the the rat race , and find a different way of working .

With more substanable energy and happiness.

Then Lorraine's coaching is right up your street... 

I have been where you are now, and was literally burnt out . I had no grounding and little self care . I had no time for me , just work work work....l was busy making money...having a busy social life and I went on holiday a lot, Which sounds great but because I was so tired everything seemed a strain.....I was starting the menopause ..... hence I was exhausted even more...  (so obvious now)..I had nothing else to give and was actually on the verge of getting ME....relationships started to crumble, along with my career.... I had to listen than , my body was screaming at me  ..... through a bad back and aches and pains.

So how did I get from the above to becoming a coach ?

Someone introduced me to a Coach who specialises in selfcare and anxiety and how to combat stress for women- an organisation called one of many....a community of women who were the same as me ..struggling .

 They taught me how to pace my life, put selfcare in place, dealing with relationships and so much more...

I am now one of many coaches...teaching women how to regain happiness and a healthy life, THRIVING NOT JUST SURVIVING .

 And well done for taking the 1st step to changing your life for the best!

Please read on and let's find how I can help you.....Or jump straight to my services to pick out your package and give me a call or an email to arrange a chat.

Am I the right coach for you? 

Have you heard of the phrase I have  been like SUPERWOMAN all day ? doing it all.. 

 This way of working is actually working in the musculine, which has been regarded as the norm.....

 Superwoman is strong and will drive you to destruction, the adrenaline racing through your veins, You can do anything a man can do ..or better, this feels great ..BUT not when your so tired at the end of the day (or drinking too much caffeine/alcohol or much worse ) , unable to sleep, worrying , STRESSING.   She's ok for ``15 minutes but not 15 years or longer !

. BURN OUT and ANXIETY and POSSIBLE ILLNESS will be the result..... but we know no different!

this way of working is not substanable (as I found out).'s time to listen to your body.......lets WORK LIKE WOMEN

Through coaching, I can help you find that work life balance, working around your emotions, work like a woman WHO shows UP , clever and wise , a softer yet smarter approach.

 Aimed to help you reach your hopes and goals and sustain your energy, so you can achieve your dream job status and other aspirations in life, without compromising your physical and mental health

Let's calm the chaos in your life.

 all while achieving true happiness, more confidence and so much more.....

   Take action today  to listen my FACEBOOK LIVES/ subscribe to my newsletters and  every Monday at 12 noon. watch my coaching techniques or the replays get in touch 

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