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Did you know that 29% of  woman are more likely to be treated for mental health than men!

That we are twice as likely to be diagnosed for depression!

That every 6th couple have trouble conceiving!

That we are less happy even though we find ourselves at a time when we have more access to opportunity, more power and more money than women have ever earnt!

Their are more women self employed now and a huge calling for women on boards of companies and parliament.. 

Lets get ready for that.

Give yourself permisson to work on you

and to find a better and smarter way of being happy and earning money,

 I am waiting for your call.

Vision Statement

I  would love every woman working to their own capacity, not trying to do it all. (Superwoman) the coaching tools are tried and tested with numerous clients with all different backgrounds, 1 client says" Lorraine's soft, gently encouraging techniques makes opening up easy and pleasant," another client says" I always leave my session feeling enlightend/empowered and much happier."

Lorraine makes you accountable and thats priceless.


My job is so satisfying and rewarding, its a pleasure to help like minded women , find your true happiness I'd be honoured to get you on your onward journey... I  encourage you to look at areas of your life not quiet working and create your dream life ...its easy and affordable to all.... the hardest part is the beginning and thats up to you ..get in touch today 

 get ready for your amazing journey ahead.

Lets get you THRIVING not just SURVIVING, together..

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